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Lexces Ulysse, a Networking Administrator, tech-support specialist is also llc

founder. Before giving birth  New York's newest social media, Mr. Lexces has worked for some of the best companies in the industry, to name a few IBM, McCann Erickson New York,  St John’s University, St Joseph College and MartinNews Shop

·         On is based in Jamaica Queens, New York. The social media website was created because of a fire tragedy that took the lives of 4, three children with their grand father. At   first, the plan was to develop a software  that was intended to improve government's offices as mr. Lexces has lost most of his important documents such as passport, social security  and so forth and was having difficulty retrieving them. But after the project failed due to lack of contact to reach  the right bureaucrats in the government, Mr. Lexces has decided to transform his ideas into what has become , a social media with with a platform for not only self-expression but also a place where people could do almost  everything in one place.

·         The site  really  started after mr. Lexces was let go from St Joseph college in 2009. Ultimately ondmoon was officially launched in Feb 14, 2012. Few months later the site was put offline because the developers who were supposed to finish the site forfeited their contract and made out with $ 6,000 of unfinished business. Mr. Lexces regrouped another team and revived ONDMOON back to life as his intent has always been to revolutionize the way people interact with each other when it comes to social media. In fact, he has other real goals as well. he wants to make sure that the world remember his accomplishment for as long as people exist and using to social media fro self expression and so forth.

Ondmoon has so many new concepts and upcoming announcements that will amaze us. For now all we ask of you is to COME-C-US at and watch  grow daily.

Besides the fact that Ondmoon is a platform for self expression and educational, We'll have some fun things coming soon as well. We have a new game ” Virtual dating”  in developing mode, invented by Mr. Ulysse for adults 18 and over. This upcoming game is going to be extremely interesting and will make all our fantasy come alive. However, as we are also a new seed in the world of social media, we ask you to be patient with us as it takes time, finance resources to make these activities  possible. But our mission is pretty clear, we strive not only to connecting people around the glob  but educate them on all sort level as well

.                 We plan to have many other services such as Files Sharing and online data & media storage  for those who need not to worry about their home computers failing them.    Also an online database for all Business around the globe who want to be found in our system.

·      As we grow bigger, the plan is also to hire as many multi media college graduates as we can so that we could anticipate more fresh ideas and concepts for ondmoon.
 We  maybe  a new seed in the world of social media right now but we have plans that are going to make the media the world appreciate us. So  Please come and register with us to help us grow better.

·         Again don’t forget to Come-C-us at  and see what we are all about. Hence, a combination of all we want to do has shown the meaning and the intent behind the name “ ONDMOON.COM ” we still have a long way to go, please help us grow. Thank you...




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Lexces Ulysse, a Networking Administrator,
tech-support specialist is also
llc founder. Before giving birth New York's newest social media Ondmoon.

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